We could have told you the stories of Apple, Adidas, or Disney, and how their iconic brands came to be. But we’d rather focus on giving a more relatable story. We thought this was the opportunity to tell you about our brand and our story. 

 Contrary to what many people think, branding is not just about logos and colors. Branding is much more than that. It’s about defining who we are, what exactly we want to do, how we want to do it, and most importantly, WHY we are doing it. In other words: our vision, our mission, and our value proposition.

As you may have noticed, our visual identity has recently changed and has been given a little makeover in line with our evolution since 2018. 


Branding is a story 

Vagabond & Marketers is more than a name, more than an agency; it is a story of an encounter and a shared vision of Raphaelle and Nathan. 

  Two people starting a business

Starting on an adventure of creating our agency, is a marriage, for better or for worse. At Vagabond & Marketers, we believe in the power of unity. And four elements made this marriage possible: 

  1. We are both happy survivors of a magnificent, albeit terrifying, year studying and completing our MBAs at HEC Montréal. We both want to build something and do things differently by limiting our impact on the planet, valuing local partners, and promoting Montreal and Canadian ecosystems more broadly. In short, we wanted to be actors of change.
  2. We have solid and complementary experience in marketing – one in sales marketing and the other in creative marketing. One has his head in the clouds. The other has her feet firmly on the ground. One worked for a startup and the other started one. We believe that differences are an asset and our clients appreciate it.
  3. We are both backpackers, passionate about traveling and meeting new people, eager to discover new horizons and try new things.
  4. Despite our rapid launch, we have had time to reflect, build, and share a clear vision of the future of Vagabond & Marketers: a fundamental step that some co-founders forget. However, this step is crucial, especially when it comes to making future strategic choices. 

Our positioning 

Vagabond & Marketers is not just an agency, it’s a team of strategists and creators who, based on their experience, accompany startups and innovative projects to reach their goals and propel themselves to new heights. We do this thanks to:   

  • our agility and creativity
  • our customer-centric approach
  • our thirst for adventurous
  • our constant search for new ideas and better results


Our values 

We have also defined three values that guide the way we work with each other, our employees and our customers on a daily basis with: 

– We are agile and we adapt quickly. Our customers and partners work in an environment that changes all the time at great speed. So do we. Our recommendations are result-oriented because we understand that time counts.

– Our approach is humane. We take the time to understand the team and the clients. We believe that the human being is a central value in our projects, even though we often work in a highly high-tech environment.  

– We are accessible. We, too, have worked with agencies. We know what it’s like not to be understood, or to have a voicemail box as the only respondent. That’s why we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams and favor interactive and cross-functional communication. 


Our name  

Though we looked at several different options, we chose Vagabond without hesitation. It conveys the energy, the essence of who we are and how we want to do things. And Vagabond is synonymous with travel, change, and movement. In fact, our job as consultants brings us to meet clients and work on many projects.

We work as a team with our collaborators and we insisted that this be transcribed in our identity with -& Marketers-.

The -&- is a symbol of union, of an encounter between co-founders and our collaborators. It is a vital link to remain true to who we are – to create bonds.


Our visual identity 

During the startup phase of our agency, our visual identity was certainly the most important element, especially with a limited budget and almost non-existent notoriety. But unfortunately, many startup founders are usually focused on developing a new technology or an innovative concept to the detriment of building a strong brand image and defining a clear value proposition that positions them against their competitors and differentiates them in the mind of their target market.

Our current logo is derived from our original logo. It is a monogram composed of two basic geometric shapes – the V of Vagabond and the M of Marketers.  

We chose this artistic expression for our logo as we seek to express a strong link between these two letters “the end of one is the beginning of the other” – with a slight optical illusion to add some extra flavor.

Thanks to a typography that is personalized and, taking inspiration from one of our favorite childhood toys Lego, we were able to manifest our image, personality, and vision in our logo. Like the creative block-building toy, our logo is very modular to reflect our agility, creative spirit, and movement.  

At the same time, we knew we had to capture more with our logo. We had to make it versatile, colorful, and robust for two reasons. The first one was to fit in with our strategy of expansion. The second was to give it a range of uses and to have the possibility of extracting several visual elements from it to establish our identity and brand.

Branding is a long process and often fraught with pitfalls. We advise our clients to take the time to prepare and mature the project. Moreover, we have developed a methodology specific to Vagabond & Marketers that we use for each branding project. Sometimes it pays to be surrounded by a creative agency and the result is relevant and coherent.

We are now proud to have a versatile and dynamic logo that works in every space and conveys our identity. We are grateful to our talented designers who have embarked on this adventure with us.

Our new brand identity is lively, flexible, and on the move, as are our customers, employees, and partners. There’s a bit of Raphaelle and Nathan in this identity, don’t you think?