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Vagabond & Marketers

Vagabond & Marketers is more than a team of strategic advisors. It’s your team. Our raison d’être is you.

We strongly believe that a marketing strategy is not just a logo or a beautiful website. It is above all your company’s identity, the reflection of your values, and the achievement of specific objectives. Our approach is therefore based on an in-depth knowledge and analysis of your reality in order to better meet your expectations.

We offer “à la carte” services in marketing strategy consulting, branding, web development strategy, and customized training adapted to your profile.

Vagabond & Marketers was born from an urgent need to meet the objectives of startups specialized in innovation and artificial intelligence.

Today, we have no more borders. Whatever the size of your company and whatever your ambitions are, we equip you to take up all your challenges with brilliance and take you always further.


A Team Of Professionals

One is a creative powerhouse. The other is a down-to-earth-make-it-happen person. Mixing the two together is explosive. Having strong experience in marketing but in different industries, we complete each other in a way we didn’t even think was possible.

Raphaelle Fluet


Raphaelle’s sales and marketing campaign experience combined with her analytical skills make her approach extremely goal-oriented.

Nathan Dahbi

Creative Powerhouse

Nathan’s creativity, social media understanding, and innovation background bring a fresh perspective to our clients’ challenge.

CHAFIK - designer

Graphist, illustrator, and designer for over 10 years, Chafik brings award-winning originality and creativity.

Vova - Developer

Lead developer and UX designer at Vagabond & Marketers, Vova creates websites that maximize conversions and designs UI to optimize the user experience. HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/mySQL/Python and WordPress specialist.

Mujji - copywritter

With 14 years of experience in artistic production and copywriting, Mujji is passionate about words, content, and clarity.  

Our partners

We are proud to have our partners on our side to offer you an experience and results that will exceed your expectations.



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