BRANDING & design services


At Vagabond & Marketers, we believe branding means much more than a logo, pretty colors and some photos. 

We think branding is who you are, it’s why this company was started in the first place, it’s your story and your vision.

We help you define your mission, your vision, your values. We help you present your company and its solutions in the most efficient way possible. And yes, we’ll create a stunning brand identity for you : a modern logo, meaningful colors, brands assets, tagline, etc.

Everything you need to create a strong brand that will resonate with your target market and differentiate you from your competitors.

Brand Strategy

Together, we define your identity and your needs. We decide what you need to build a winning branding strategy and distinguish you from your competitors. This is the part we like the most – we are strategists first after all.

Logo & Tagline

Our design and creative services can help you redesign or modernize your logo, your colors and create a brand new tagline that will make you stand out.


Building a story around your brand and your products helps establish a deeper engagement and connection with your customers and your partners. In today’s world, the challenge is creating the perfect story in a few seconds. We can help with that.


Artistic direction, iconography, brand assets, one-a-kind images, videos, name it. We can help.

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