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Vagabond & Marketers is a marketing consulting firm specialized in small businesses.
Our marketing consultants help you understand how you can position your solution and your company the right way for your target market segments.
We help you define your entire marketing plan, from your digital marketing strategy to marketing automation, aligned with your sales and business processes.
No matter what stage your business is at, we help you build a solid marketing strategy, maximize your marketing efforts and help you grow your business.


Segmentation & Personas

Being able to understand and categorize your potential customers in order to select and prioritize which one you should target first isn’t a small task but is very important to focus your resources and get the best results.

Value Proposition

We help define your value proposition for your target market in a way that will help you identify your product best features, develop key messages and help position your solution and your brand for maximum results.

Content & Social Media Strategy

Starting from your business objectives, we establish the whole strategy to produce valuable content and deliver it in front of the right audience, at the right

Pricing Strategy

There are several ways to determine pricing. Knowing which one if best and finding the perfect price point for your customer and your CFO is an art.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We can help define your online lead generation funnel and elaborate digital marketing campaigns to raise awareness and generate sales.

Go-To-Market Strategy

From identifying the best distribution strategy to creating the best purchase process and launch plan, we are there for you.

our methodology

Our methodology is the very assurance of our expertise and professionalism. We have developed an approach that is different from others, and the results are visible.

First, we do our research and analysis – on you, your products and services, your competitors and your customers. Sometimes we can carry out a full brand audit or an in-depth analysis of your competition, their social media and overall marketing strategy.

Then we present our findings to you to make sure we’re all on the same page and that our understanding of your business is optimal.

Once we know we’re heading in the right direction, we develop tailored marketing strategies, plans and creative ideas to achieve your goals in style.

We want to make sure we always live up to your expectations.

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