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Have better control over your success

If you do a little research on the web, you’ll find a bunch of blogs and articles of all kinds that reveal the secrets of the perfect marketing strategy, the best value proposition, or tips on how to design a website that optimizes your conversion rate. All this information can be a bit confusing.

The truth is, these tips are rarely correct or applicable to your business.

Vagabond & Marketers had the idea to make up for this lack of accessible answers adapted to each company.

We offer marketing training and coaching tailored to your needs and objectives. You will receive tools and a solid methodology to understand and master the aspects of marketing that you are missing.

Where we can help

Marketing plans

You will have access to detailed articles and videos customized to your needs, as well as regular meetings to help you develop your marketing plans. Email support is also available.

Social Media

Become a social media expert to achieve your goals. We’ll show you how to build a solid social media and content strategy and provide coaching as you execute your plan.

Lead generation strategy

Do you know what would be the best strategy to generate leads for your business? Our lead generation training is customized to your industry and your target customers. In addition, we coach you throughout the execution of this strategy.


Our branding training consists of educational articles and working sessions with an expert to help you build a strong brand image that will differentiate you from your competitors while making a good impression with your potential customers.

How it works

1. Get the information

We will send you articles and videos to watch to better understand the different marketing aspects that apply to your situation and your business objectives. You will have to do exercises that will lead you to build a solid marketing strategy.

2. Get coaching

We will review your responses to the exercises in addition to a complete review of your marketing plan. We also offer you support over time with regular meetings to evaluate results, adapt the strategy as needed, identify opportunities, etc. It’s like having a part-time CMO!

3. Get results

With a well-executed strategy and a marketing expert at your side, you will have all the winning elements to reach your business objectives.

The coaches

Our training courses have been designed specifically for startups and small businesses. They are tailored to your needs and objectives, whether you are starting up or growing.

Raphaelle Fluet


Raphaelle’s sales and marketing campaign experience combined with her analytical skills make her approach extremely goal-oriented.

Nathan Dahbi

Creative Powerhouse

Nathan’s creativity, social media understanding, and innovation background bring a fresh perspective to our clients’ challenge.


We are proud to collaborate with incubators & accelerators to provide useful and insightful workshops to startups.

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Marketing is key! Being a founder, Vagabond & Marketers’ workshop increased my understanding of how to engage with potential clients using technology for better results. Very helpful and a must for everybody who wants to scale their inbound.

Max Eichelbaum